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Trocadero Sotogrande

Just a few kilometers from Gibraltar, within the Sotogrande resort estate, Trocadero Sotogrande is much more than a restaurant, which according to the european press rates it as one of the top beach clubs in Europe. It is the meeting point for all visitors to the area, a place where you can lunch, dine, sunbathe, swim or enjoy an aperitif on a languid summer afternoon. It offers a familiar zone with an independent child friendly eating area, sunbeds and a large swimming pool. Open to the public from Easter until October, and the rest of the year for private events, based on request.


There are two restaurants: traditional Mediterranean, in pure Trocadero style; and Asian, open only during summer months, with Thai and Japanese cuisines combined to perfection.

Flecha izquierda Flecha derecha


Since client was born as source of inspiration, there is a need to adapt to their tastes and eccentricities. Illustrious characters inspired great bars and consequently there are many beberages we enjoy today. Our cocktails are intended to stimulate the senses by developing an accessible and fun cocktail culture.

Flecha izquierda Flecha derecha
Trocadero Sotogrande // Our Team

Direction: Gorka Lozano and Aitor Lozano

Event Coordinator: Elena Ramos –
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