COVID-19 Prevention Measures

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Guest safety is our priority

Since 15 March this year we have been working on adapting our restaurants with our sights set on opening them in the near future, in line with government regulations. We have sourced the best materials and the most innovative measures on the market. We will be including all of these solutions, along with any new ones that may arise, into our action and safety protocols.


Internal Health Measures:


  • Performing PCR or antigen tests on all staff members as a prerequisite for them getting back to work before opening.
  • Monthly monitoring of staff members with rapid tests.
  • Body temperature measurements and disinfection of each member of staff upon arrival at the work centre.
  • Mandatory use of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to protect against COVID (gloves, masks, protective screens, sanitising gel) for all staff.
  • COVID Occupational Risk Prevention (ORP) training for all staff prior to opening.

Kitchen, storerooms and areas used by staff:

  • Daily environmental disinfection of refrigerated chambers, surfaces and kitchen utensils, with ozone generators and dissolved ozone, in accordance with the concentrations indicated by the WHO’s International Ozone Concentration Regulations.
  • Daily thorough disinfection of work spaces, changing rooms, communal areas and delivery bays.
  • Cleaning of crockery, glassware and cutlery at over 90 degrees.
  • Controls during goods deliveries and the enlargement of delivery bays to ensure social distancing can be maintained with delivery workers.

Guest lounge, terrace and spaces:

  • 2 meter separation between tables.
  • Disinfection of tables and chairs after each use with dissolved or vaporized ozone.
  • Installation of ozone generators to disinfect the environment in lounges, bathrooms and communal areas, in accordance with the concentrations indicated by the WHO’s International Ozone Concentration Regulations.
  • General disinfection with higher concentrations of ozone every night (daily shock treatment).
  • Installation of mobile partitions in communal areas, corridors, bars and between tables.
  • On the beach and in the sunbeds area, increase the separation distance between sunbeds to 2 metres and provide individually packaged sanitised covers to guests for their personal use.


External Health Measures:

  • Sanitising gel dispensers on tables, as well as PPE available to any guests who request it.
  • Introduction of digital cards to allow guest mobile devices to be read, to avoid the use of physical cards.
  • Encourage the use of mobile devices for contactless payments to avoid contact with POS machines.
  • Display the COVID prevention measures implemented by the restaurant in visible locations, along with the control sheets used to monitor these protocols (reports on the daily disinfection of the different zones).
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